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As eye health care providers, we take the situation of COVID -19 very seriously. As eye doctors, we rely on information which is proven and backed by science. We are closely monitoring and adhering to the advice given by Saskatchewan and Canadian and WHO health officials.

Our commitment to putting the health and safety of our patients and staff first is unwavering. We have always taken pride in the cleanliness of our clinics and, as an extra precautionary measure, are:

  • Increasing the frequency of sanitation processes for all medical equipment and tools before each patient.
  • Introducing sanitization protocols to all clinic touchpoints including, but not limited to, door handles, desks, display units, and payment terminals
  • Enhancing the cleaning and sanitization process for all display frames, mirrors, and sample products.
  • Imposing mandatory self-quarantine for all staff and Optometrists who have travelled outside of Canada
  • Inserting sanitizer dispensers in all eye centres.
  • Removing all magazines from our waiting rooms along with children toys.
  • Additionally, we continue to practice good hygiene by demanding our doctors and staff to wash their hands before and after seeing a patient with anti-bacterial soap or to use a high-percentage alcohol hand sanitizer.

If you have an upcoming appointment at one of our centres and are experiencing any fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or have travelled or been in contact with individuals who have travelled outside of Canada, we request that for everyone’s safety you contact our eye centre to reschedule your appointment.
Pease be aware that we do not charge cancellation fees and we will be happy to accommodate you at a future date. We would be happy to discuss any vision or eye health concerns over the phone during this time.

The following videos below provide you with the knowledge of how to protect your self against Covid-19

You will learn what is Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

For further information on COVID-19, including symptoms, treatment and prevention, please visit:
We know how important your vision is and that you have ongoing needs to maintain your eye health. To help during this time, and until further notice, we will be waiving all standard shipping costs for contact lenses, frames and lenses ordered within the clinic and desired to be directly shipped to your home.

As the situation continues to evolve, please be assured that we will be constantly reassessing and adapting our processes to adhere to the latest updates and health guidelines. If you have any questions and/or concerns, you can email us at:

For information on safe hygiene practises we are providing the following Health Canada link for your convenience:

We hope you’ll find it of use.

Dr. Bryan Robertson, Dr. Scott Friskie, Dr. Kayla Stevens
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