Etina Barcelona
Paris-based eyewear label LOTHO was launched in 2008. With a focus on design and a commitment to premium quality, LOTHO believes in eyewear as a fashion statement. Every single pair of LOTHO’s glasses and sunglasses is handmade in Japan to exacting standards.

Woodsy stripes. Neon titaniums. Daring color combinations. Stripes that will earn you fashion kudos. "One hundred unique feelings and styles for 100 different people" is the heart and soul of LOTHO, born from designer Coco Tsuji's desire to create eyewear that is a true fashion item without compromising excellent quality. And that is why she christened her collection, launched in 2008, LOTHO, based on a William Blake poem, meaning "to see something special where nothing can be seen, changing what you are seeing, and giving life to what is reflected in your eyes."

Coco Tsuji uses acetate that is Japan's finest, because it is "very special, I find it to be dignified and precious just like kimono fabric."