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What is Eye-Light IPL?

It is a polychromatic light that stimulates the Meibomian glands to resume normal activities, thanks to thermal pulses! Applied around the eyes and on the cheekbones, it stimulates contraction of the glands, increasing the lipid stream and reducing the evaporation of tears.

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Good thing, there’s Eye-Light IPL!
Thanks to the patented technology of Eye-Light IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), the Meibomian glands resume the production of lipids necessary to the eye’s functionality, improving the symptoms of dry eyes after a few hours!

Eye-Light ® is the only instrument with 2 patented technologies, OPE® / IPL and LIGHT MODULATION® / LLLT. The synergy of the two medical technologies optimizes the treatment of dry eye .

Why use Eye-Light IPL?

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It’s safe and painless.
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You can appreciate an improvement of the Meibomian gland functionality a few hours after the treatment.
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It treats both upper and lower meibomian glands. As well as treating dry eye disease caused by MGD
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Chalazion, styes, blepharitis, post-blepharoplasty and demodex are effectively treated.
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Primary outcomes include change in tear breakup time and self-reported patient satisfaction!
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It’s completely automated with software-set parameters, so less risk of errors.
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The treatment lasts a few minutes and allows an immediate return to normal activities.
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Simple but effective treatment for Dry Eye

Learn why Eye-Light® is superior to other IPL treatments

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OPE®   treats the meibomian glands. Applied to the periorbital areas and cheekbones, it has been verified by various neurological studies that the emission of high-power light impulses leads to a stimulation of neurotransmitters. These urge the meibomian glands to produce, by contracting, a greater secretion; thus increases the natural lipid flow which reduces the evaporation of tears.
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LIGHT MODULATION®  Thanks to the high-power light emission of the LEDs, an endogenous heating of the eyelids is triggered, which stabilizes and increases the lipid layer of the tear, making it more fluid thus facilitating its secretion.