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Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (SD-OCT) Moving at the Speed of Light

Drs. Robertson and Friskie are proud to be the first Drs. in Canada to have introduced the use of Blue Peak Spectralis OCT scanning in an optometric practice in Canada. Spectralis OCT scanning integrates SD-OCT with confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy (cSLO) resulting in retinal fundus imaging that reveals new details through multiple perspectives of the retina. These additional views are helping redefine diagnosis and treatment of many major eye diseases. The scans of the retina have 22 times the resolution of a high resolution MRI . Earlier detection, and prompt, proper treatment is the goal and our promise.


A Retinal Revolution- BluePeak

A paradigm shift is occurring in the way eye doctors are diagnosing and managing retinal eye problems. This new technology is fundus autofluorescence (FAF) imaging and spectral domain optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) that allows making diagnoses easier and more precise. Due to resolutions 20 times more detailed than an MRI, the high resolution scans allow for observation of fine macular pathologies. This allows for identifying and tracking the progression of diseases that affect nerve fiber layer and ganglion cells, such as optic nerve disease and retinal vascular disease.
Drs Robertson and Dr Friskie were the first Optometrists in Canada to do use optical coherence tomography in 2003 but the newer spectral-domain OCT (SD-OCT) units generate high-resolution scans that make three-dimensional (3-D) macular and optic nerve rendering and "fly-through" possible.
These greater views decrease the likelihood of missing signs of retinal disease and aid in early disease detection, diagnosis and management by allowing us to view abnormalities beneath the retinal surface.
General retina health check with BluePeak (FAF)
Drs Robertson and Friskie have purchased the first Heidelberg Spectralis Blue Peak OCT in Canada placed for placement in an Optometric office. Combing Blue Peak with spectral domain OCT allows a non-invasively view of the health of the pigment epithelium (RPE). The resulting high-contrast images form a metabolic map showing metabolic changes.
It has been shown, between 55-and 70 % of Age Related macular Degeneration (AMD) sufferers are undiagnosed, thus indicating an inadequacy in current screening and referral methods and, as such, a certain level of responsibility lies with all eye doctors to reduce the number of undiagnosed cases of AMD and other debilitating retinal diseases.
Early identification is critical in most retina diseases and regular and accurate retina health checks, particularly in high-risk patients, could help minimize future damage and even prevent blindness
For the Drs. at The Spectrum Eye Centre, the BluePeak Spectralis now offers the opportunity for a comprehensive retinal health check for all our patients. It is to be hoped that in the near future BluePeak Autofluorescence imaging will be used on a day-to-day clinical basis for the diagnosis, classification and management of a number of diseases. represents an important step forward to better care for patients with retinal diseases.
In all it means being able to differentiate conditions that should be monitored versus those that need treatment and will not only save patients from unnecessary visits to specialists but it will also save healthcare dollars.